How long have you been farming?

You can find a short history of the farm here.

How long have you been organically certified?

Our farm has been organically certified through Global Organic Alliance since 2010. More about our history here

Where can we buy Shady Side Farm’s organic dry beans?

We sell at these area farmers markets:

Fulton Street Farmers Market

Holland Farmers Market 

Kalamazoo Farmers Market

South Haven Farmers Market

Sweetwater Local Food Market

We also have an on-farm shop that is open Wednesdays and Fridays from 1 – 4 pm.

Or you can purchase our beans here.

What is different about your beans compared to those in the store?

Our beans are less than a year old. We harvest them in the fall, and sell them until the next harvest. We want to sell you the freshest beans possible!

All beans are wonderfully nutritious. But by taking care of our soil, and making sure it is a living, working, healthy biological system, we believe our beans are even more nutritious than those you buy in the supermarket.

Because we grow unusual, heirloom varieties, the taste and texture of our beans vary greatly from the standard five or six varieties found in the stores. We grow nearly 20 heirloom varieties, at least three of which are on the Slow Foods Ark of Taste list.

What does heirloom mean?

Heirloom is code for “endangered species”. These are bean varieties that are more difficult to grow, and don’t yield as well. Jamie Geller explains it this way on her blog “Joy of Kosher”: An heirloom is something that has been passed down for generations through family members.  Some people have jewelry and some people have seeds.  An heirloom plant is a varietal that has not been used in the modern large scale farm production, but rather passed down through family or farm from an earlier period in time.”

Where can I find recipes for beans?

We offer a variety of recipes on our recipes page, as well as several suggestions on

I have a favorite soup or salad recipe already. Can I substitute your beans in other recipes?

Absolutely. Beans are very flexible and can easily be substituted for each other. Choose one that’s most like the bean called for and go for it!

Why should I eat beans?

Where can we get information about buying Shady Side Farm’s grass-fed organic beef?

We sell freezer beef, custom cut to your specification. Please email for more information. 

How many cattle do you have on your farm?

We have a small cow/calf herd of Belted Galloway beef cattle that ranges between 10-15 head.

Why did you choose the Belted Galloway breed?

Belted Galloway cattle, also known as “Oreo Cows”, are known for their ability to produce great beef raised on grass only. They are known to be good mothers.

Where can we get information about buying Shady Side Farm’s grass-fed lamb?

We sell freezer lamb, custom cut to your specifications. Please email for more information.

How many sheep do you have on your farm?

We have a flock of over 100 Polypay (white-faced) sheep. This number rises in the spring when lambs are born–each ewe has 1 or 2 lambs. 

May we come and tour your farm?

There are many ag-tourism farms that provide entertainment to their community. With a few exceptions, our farm is not open to the public. We are busy working, and entertaining the public takes time that we cannot spare from our busy days. However we do host a Shearing Day Open House early each spring. Watch for details on our website and facebook page

Do you ship your products?

We are committed to providing food and fiber to our local community first. However, we will ship our beans to addresses in the United States and our wool products  to both domestic and international addresses.