Grass Fed Meats

fill your freezer with delicious and nutritious protein raised on our farm!

grass fed lamb

Have you ever wanted to try lamb chops? Felt adventurous around the holidays and thought about cooking a leg of lamb? Here’s your chance.

Shady Side Farm lambs are born in the barn in early spring, and raised on pasture during the summer. They are fed by their mothers, and then transition to grass and are fed only grass (with a mineral supplement) for the rest of their lives.

What cuts of meat come from a lamb, you ask? Here are some standard cuts:

• Leg of lamb (boneless or bone in)
• Lamb shanks
• Chops (from all over the lamb - sirloin, loin, rib, and shoulder chops)
• Spareribs
• Kabob/Stew meat

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grass fed beef

Would you like to be able to purchase healthy, grass-fed beef raised locally? Like the idea of being able to stock your freezer with the cuts of beef you love the most? Here’s your chance.

Shady Side Farm cattle are born and raised on pasture at our farm. They are fed by their mothers, and then transition to grass and fed only grass or hay (with a mineral supplement). They are raised organically, with no medications or added hormones given to them.

What cuts are available? Here are some standard cuts:

• Beef roasts of all types
• Steaks (delmonico, sizzler, t-bone, porterhouse, tenderloin, rib, and more)
• Stew meat and ground beef
• Organs and bones for broth

Belted Galloway steers vary in size from 900-1,100 pounds. An average sized 1,000 pound live steer produces a carcass/hanging weight of about 500 pounds. A quarter of a beef will yield about 75 pounds of meat for your freezer, depending on how many boneless vs. bone-in cuts you choose. You will be able to specify to the butcher which cuts of beef that you would like.

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