Dry Bean Recipes

Many people ask us how to cook the dry beans that we sell. Here are some of our favorite recipes that we've collected over the years.

Dry Bean Varieties

We sell a variety of different heirloom and common beans at local markets. Here are a few of the varieties as well as a little information about each type.

Wool Products

We create a variety of products with the wool our sheep grow. Check out our hand-cranked socks, roving, yarn and more. Or head over to our etsy shop for an even bigger selection

Visit our Etsy shop

Shop here for "fresh from the farm" wool yarns and rovings, as well as handmade items from our small farm in West Michigan

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  • A Short History of Shady Side Farm With Some Philosophy Sprinkled In August 20, 2015
    We are working on updating our website, and so part of my homework is to work up a short history of the farm, as well as other fun assignments. You get to read my rough drafts and comment on them, if you choose.There are many ways to farm, and we've tried several of them. Despite […]
  • Stopping Traffic -- A Mini Sheep Drive August 17, 2015
    Today we worked with the sheep. We sorted off the larger lambs and put them into their own group. If they haven't already been weaned by their mothers, they will be weaned now.┬áHere The Farmer and one of his side-kicks are pulling out a few of the largest lambs, already big enough for freezer camp.┬áThe […]

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