Dry Bean Recipes

Many people ask us how to cook the dry beans that we sell. Here are some of our favorite recipes that we've collected over the years.

Dry Bean Varieties

We sell a variety of different heirloom and common beans at local markets. Here are a few of the varieties as well as a little information about each type.

Wool Products

We create a variety of products with the wool our sheep grow. Check out our hand-cranked socks, roving, yarn and more. Or head over to our etsy shop for an even bigger selection

Visit our Etsy shop

Shop here for "fresh from the farm" wool yarns and rovings, as well as handmade items from our small farm in West Michigan

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  • Bull For Sale November 22, 2014
    Mo has done his work for two years now, and it's time for him to move on. He is a purebred Belted Galloway, but without registration papers. If you know of someone who would like a fine bull, please have them contact us at shadysidefarmmichigan at gmail dot com. It seems a shame to just […]
  • It's Kerstmarkt Time Again November 22, 2014
    This is a photo from 2008, one of the early years. I actually think we started selling at the Kerstmarkt in 2007. It's funny to me to see how some things have changed, and some remain about the same. Same racks, same window, same cloth on the booth front.Kerstmarkt starts tomorrow, and after a week […]

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