Dry Bean Recipes

Many people ask us how to cook the dry beans that we sell. Here are some of our favorite recipes that we've collected over the years.

Dry Bean Varieties

We sell a variety of different heirloom and common beans at local markets. Here are a few of the varieties as well as a little information about each type.

Wool Products

We create a variety of products with the wool our sheep grow. Check out our hand-cranked socks, roving, yarn and more. Or head over to our etsy shop for an even bigger selection

Visit our Etsy shop

Shop here for "fresh from the farm" wool yarns and rovings, as well as handmade items from our small farm in West Michigan

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  • Some Nutrition for the Soil September 12, 2014
    Every year like clockwork we take soil samples. And we have a soil consultant interpret and make suggestions as to what to add to the soil to make the whole system work better. It's one of those crazy expenses that we refuse to cut back on, no matter how tight things are. It's That Important.Both […]
  • Weaning Lambs September 10, 2014
    We've been without the internet for a week or so (during which I did my best impression of a techy-type, and no one was fooled). And quite honestly, I've been unable to keep up the bloggy pace, even when we do have internet. Too busy "doing" to do much "documenting".About 3 weeks ago we decided […]

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