Polypay Wool Combed Top — Soft Lambswool — Undyed — 4 oz.


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This lambswool combed top provides a unique spinning experience. We kept the wool of the yearling lambs separate and had this combed top made up from it. Because it is exclusively lambswool and because each fiber has only one cut end, it is much softer than our run of the mill roving.

Combed top will allow you to spin a worsted yarn as opposed to a woolen yarn. For more about worsted vs. woolen, see http://joyofhandspinning.com/handspinning-woollen-and-worsted-yarn/

Whether you work with a wheel or a drop spindle, you’ll enjoy this fiber fresh from our farm. It’s from the wool of our Polypay sheep, processed at a Michigan woolen mill. The fiber we used is exclusively from our lambs’ first shearing, and is extra soft because of this. The staple length is about 4″.

Polypay was the featured breed in the 2010 Winter Spin-Off magazine.

Your 4 oz. combed top will be shipped first-class in a tear-proof envelope.

☆ A note about farm-fresh wool. Our wool is cleaned with soap and water. Unlike some commercially produced wool, it is not soaked in hydrochloric acid or other harsh chemicals. This makes it more skin-friendly and eco-friendly. However, the gentle processes used may allow an occasional bit of hay to remain. This can be easily picked out as you spin the wool or use it for felting.

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Weight 4 oz
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