Pre-order Your Custom-Cut Whole Lamb (Local Sales Only)


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Place your deposit here to reserve your whole custom-cut lamb. When your lamb is ready to go to “freezer camp,” we will contact you by email. Lambs will be available from September through March.

The total cost of everything will depend in where you decide to have it processed. If you choose Earl’s Meats, the price will be $400. If you choose Caledonia Packing, the price will be $445. You can expect to get about 35# of finished lamb cuts, depending on how you ask to have it processed. You can have it processed one of two ways: custom or standard cuts. The standard cut list is as follows (and is our best guess as to what you will get but is based on the size of the lamb):


  • 1 boneless shoulder roast, about 3#
  • 1 bone-in sirloin roast, about 3#
  • 2 center-cut bone-in leg roasts, about 3#

Lamb Chops:

  • 22-24 rib and loin chops, 4 per package


  • 2-3# of stew meat, 1# packages
  • 10# of ground lamb, 1# packages
  • 2 packages shanks, 2 per package
  • Broth bones

Please indicate if you would like standard cut or custom cut in the “order notes” box at checkout. We will send you a PayPal invoice (which you can pay by credit card) for the remaining balance when your lamb is shipped to the butcher. The balance is due before you pick up your lamb. Your lamb will be processed at Earl’s Meats in Holland or at Caledonia Packing. Please select from the drop-down menu carefully, based on desired date and chosen butcher. If at all possible, please plan on picking up your lamb from the butcher, as our freezer space is limited. If this is a hardship for you for any reason, feel free to ask if we are able to deliver it to a market for you (small fee applies) or allow for on-farm pickup. We may be able to work with you on this.

This deposit is non-refundable. We understand that this is a significant commitment, and encourage you to ask any questions you may have before committing. Your pre-order allows us to reserve your lamb for you and concentrate on the important business of growing good food for you and your family.

Our lambs are born and raised on our farm; they are 100% grass-fed. Learn more below…


Would you like to be able to purchase healthy, grass-fed lamb raised locally? Like the idea of being able to stock your freezer with the cuts of lamb you love the most? Here’s your chance.


Shady Side Farm lambs are born and live their entire life on our farm. They are fed by their mothers, and then transition to grass and fed only grass or hay (with a mineral supplement).

What cuts are available? Here are some standard cuts:

• Leg of lamb and shoulder roast

• Chops (loin and rib)

• Stew meat, kebabs and ground lamb

• Bones for broth

• Liver

Our lambs are full-grown at 105-115 pounds. They dress out with a carcass/hanging weight of about 50 pounds. A whole lamb will yield about 35 pounds of meat for your freezer, depending on how many boneless vs. bone-in cuts you choose. If you choose custom-cut, you will be able to specify to the butcher which cuts of lamb that you would like. Or take the guesswork out of the process, and just choose standard-cut.

Additional information

Pickup Location

Butcher, On-Farm, Farmers Market (check for availability)


Standard Cuts, Custom Cut (instructions to follow)


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